Fire-extinguishers are our passion! We do not dread fire!

GAZ-TECH company Sp. z o.o. came into being in 1997 in Grodków, opolskie province. We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality fire-extinguishers and cylinders. Our products have been distributed on both the domestic and international markets.
All our products are certified and authorized for use in fire protection (conformity with EN-3-7 norm and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EEC). The fire-extinguishers that we offer are characterized by high quality, aesthetic look, and reliability.

Since 2012, when the company management board was replaced, the company has developed and modernized its machinery, which has resulted in raising the standards of quality of manufactured products. New management board has given priority to two aspects: that GAZ-TECH fire-extinguishers meet the highest  European standards, and that they are offered at the lowest prices on the market.

Our offer covers various types of fire-extinguishers, such as powder, liquid, gastronomy, and mobile fire-extinguishers. We also offer fire-fighting device for electronic equipment, automatic fire-extinguisher (SUG), extinguishing powder, brackets as well as spare parts needed for servicing.

Our fire-extinguishers are highly effective in putting out fire in its early stage, and therefore lower the risk of life and property loss. We take great care so that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability in every situation. For many years, we have enjoyed the trust of our customers who have been purchasing our products.

Our network of sales representatives and authorized servicing points allows for a quick and efficient customer service in terms of sales, maintenance and servicing of fire-extinguishers.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

The highest quality at the lowest price!