Fire-extinguishers are our passion! We do not dread fire!

“The highest extinguishing efficiency at the lowest prices”- for the last three years, this has been the motto of the new proprietors of the Gaz-Tech Company , Ltd. The company specializes in the production of the highest quality fire –extinguishers and pressure vessels that are distributed throughout Poland and abroad. All products are certified for use in fire protection (in compliance with the EN3 norm and the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EEC), and are characterized by high quality, reliability and aesthetic look.

Considering “the highest extinguishing efficiency”, the proprietors aptly assumed that many human tragedies could have been avoided if good extinguishing appliances were skillfully used. They have devoted three years to researching and testing the best European extinguishing agents. Thanks to the knowledge and the experience they gained, in French and German laboratories they constructed “extremely powerful” fire-extinguishers. We can exemplify this property with the following items:

·         A two-litre kitchen fire-extinguisher is capable of extinguishing an fifteen-times bigger fire, compared with other fire-extinguishers available on the market (instead of 5 liters of oil it can extinguish 75 litres)

·         A four-kilogram powder extinguisher is able to put out a bigger fire than some six-kilogram extinguishers.

·         A new, six-litre liquid fire-extinguisher is the only one which puts out 233 litres of jet fuel (heptane). Moreover, it is able to extinguish 75 litres of edible oil, which makes it an ideal fire-extinguisher for both gastronomy and home uses.

The second part of their motto is accomplished by means of the highest possible automation of the factory, as well as a perfect organization of the production process, which results in a high output per employee. What is more, the company administration has been reduced to minimum which enables to sell their products at very competitive prices. Additionally, the network of sales representatives and authorized service providers allows for efficient customer service in terms of sale, maintenance and repair of fire-extinguishers.The highest quality at the lowest price!