Gaśnica śniegowa GS-5x B/E

Product description

The GS – 5X B/E fire-extinguisher is suitable for putting out type B fires. It can be used for extinguishing fires of live electric devices up to 1000 V from a distance of over 1 meter.
The fire extinguisher has a steel cylinder covered with high-quality, UV-resistant polyester paint. It is equipped with a pressure surge relief valve and a hose with a nozzle.
The construction of the extinguisher  allows for a temporary interruption of extinguishing by loosing the lever of  a valve .
The extinguishing agent can be refilled by a maintenance company.

The fire-extinguisher meets the standards of the recent PN EN3 norm, PED 2014/68/EEC directive. It has all required authorizations and certificates.

The fire-extinguisher can be applied underground in mining excavations – expertise CSRG 1/2014

* B – flammable liquids
E -  designed for fires of electric devices under voltage up to 245 kV (minimum 3 meters)

Technical specification

Extinguishing effciency

89 B

Weight of extinguishing agent

5 kg



Operating time

9 s

Cylinder test pressure

315 bar
Fire-extinguisher working pressure      216 bar

Total weight

14 kg

Cylinder diameter

136 mm

Temperature range      -30 / +60
Highest permissible voltage of  object on fire       245000V