Gaśnica gastronomiczna GW-2X ABF

Product description

The GW – 9X ABF (34A 233B 75F) foam fire-extinguisher has excellent knock-down properties. It is recommended for putting out fires of solids, such as wood, plastics, fabric, etc. , and also of oils and cooking fats. It is suitable for extinguishing fires of kitchen, canteen, and restaurant equipment, such as deep fryers and other baking and frying devices together with their filters and ventilation fans.

The extinguisher is also effective in fighting fires of live electric devices up to 1000 V from a distance of at least 1 meter.

Product features :

  • Durable steel cylinder mechanically cleaned by shot-blasting, covered with UV resistant paint. In foam extinguishers, the inside is covered with anticorrosive layer
  • Brass, cut-off valve enables  precise dosing of extinguishing agent by temporary interruption of agent release
  • the valve is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows for the control of pressure in the extinguisher
  • Possibility of multiple refilling of the extinguishing agent by a maintenance company
  • User friendly, reliable and effective in use

* A – solid materials, producing glowing embers
B – flammable liquids
F – oil, cooking fats


The fire-extinguisher meets the standards of the recent PN EN3 norm, PED 2014/68/EEC directive

Technical specification

Range of Use

A, B, F

Capacity of extinguishing agent

9,0 L

Operating agent

Azot N 2

Operating time

15 s

Cylinder test pressure

26 bar

Fire-extinguisher working pressure

15 bar

Total weight

15,4 kg

Highest permissible votage of the object on fire

1 000 V


660 mm

Cylinder diameter

180 mm