By constantly introducing technological and organizational innovations, we take great care that our products meet your expectations. Our fire-extinguishers are cleaned and prepared for painting by shot-peening, which prevents the coating from peeling. Additionally, we use high-quality, UV-resistant powder paint, which eliminates the problem of chalking and tarnishing. The paint that we use for coating has a Qualicoat quality symbol , which guarantees superior standard.

                                                      Zbiornik gaśnicy 6x po śrutowaniu                                           Zbiornik gaśnicy 2x po śrutowaniu

Our fire extinguishers, as the only ones on the market,  are equipped with photoluminescent ring so that they can be easily seen.

                                                      Gaśnica 2x pierścień fotoluminescencyjny                                              Gaśnica 4x pierścień fotoluminescencyjny

Another unique feature of our fire-extinguishers is the way they have been packed. Aesthetic foil pouches (sealed from the bottom) imprinted with the declaration of conformity protect fire extinguishers during transportation and storage.

                                                      Gaśnica 4x deklaracja zgodności                                             Gaśnica 4x deklaracja zgodności przód