Urządzenie gaśnicze sprzętu elektronicznego UGSE 2x

Product description

The UGSE – 2x BC device is suitable for putting out fires of monitors, computers, audio/video devices, switching stations and control cabinets.
The device can be effectively used inside without dusting neighbouring objects.
A special construction of the expel system with a nozzle enables to aim the CO2 agent precisely on the source of fire, without causing any damage to nearby objects.

The UGSE – 2x BC device can put out fires of live electric and electronic equipment up to 1000 V from a distance of 1 meter.
The weight of the device is 6,2 kg.

Technical specification

Range of Use

B, C

The weight of the extinguishing agent:

2 kg

Operating agent

CO 2

Operating time

6 s

Total weight

6,2 kg